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Where’ve you been?!


Oh interwebz, I’ve neglected you.

Life has been full of transitions as of late, and it’s swept your girl right off her feet. Between a death in the family, packing and moving to a new home, heavy political work, sickness, and a lot of (work-related) traveling, I’m almost ashamed to say that I haven’t made one sketch, painting, or design since DECEMBER! Yikes! It’s definitely taken it’s toll on me, leaving me feeling restless and needing a creative outlet. My dreams of opening an Etsy store has not been realized, and I am way overdue for a new creative project to manifest itself.

Luckily for me, Diwang Pinay is just around the corner and gave me the motivation I needed to at least get something done!

I hustled to get at least one painting churned out for auction, along with a painted mirror. I’ll also be vending again this year, so I’ve been busy printing posters, and more of those tagalog alphabet cards for the babies and kids at heart.

Hoping to make a few button magnets, and maybe another painting. Ambitious, I know! But considering I’m making up for almost 4 months worth of a hiatus, I think it’s only appropriate to step it up. More updates soon!

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