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The Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project 2011


Signed up for this project on a whim last week!


And I recently just got my sketchbook in the mail! Never done a project like this before, so it should be interesting to see where it’ll take me, where I’ll take it, and what the process and outcome will be like. Exciting, but also a little nerve wrecking. I signed up for the theme “…you’d be home by now”. A lot of my initial ideas and brainstorms for content are more for self-therapy… things that have kept me from coming home (literally and figuratively), things I miss about home, and concepts about coming home. I think it’ll be good for me =)

Anyhow, it’s not too late for you to join! It’s a little pricey (in my opinion), but if you’ve got an extra $25 to spare, it’s kinda cool to think that our sketchbooks will be permanently housed in an art library for anyone to browse. Check for more info!  As always, I’ll update this blog with pages from the sketchbook once I get started <3.

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