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i’m currently working on a poster piece to be a part of a group show called FACTSHEET_Activism is NOT a Crime, co-sponsored by SFCHRP and Manilatown Heritage Foundation. i’m very excited about the lineup which includes both artists from united states like the kwatro kanto collective, artivista, and others, and artists from the philippines. as part of the process, each artist is given a bunch of factsheets—true accounts of human rights violations, murders, and forced disappearances– that have occurred in the philippines while president gloria macapagal arroyo has been in power. we then create posters inspired by/in response to the stories.

i don’t really know what to say. the stories made me sad, but that doesn’t quite capture all the emotions and feelings that these factsheets bring up inside of me. please read them for yourself, if you ever have the time.

some progress and brainstorm shots up next:

and lastly, i hope you can make it! the opening reception has marie hilao of KARAPATAN as a guest speaker, flying in all the way from the philippines to give more background on the current human rights situation.

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