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hello world!

it’s been a minute since i’ve last updated, and i’ve missed you so! **(‘ , ~)**. the two-night run of pinay stories was a huge success, with both nights selling out! this having been my very first full theatrical project, i’d have to say that it completely blew every expectation i ever had and was such a fantastic experience! this show was deeply personal to me and the other ladies, and it was such an honor to be able to share a small part of my story with the world. there are whispers that another run of the show might be in the horizon, so keep your eyes out for another opportunity to catch it! asian journal picked up the press release and some photos, which can be seen here:

anthony buada also took some beautiful photos from the show here:

i definitely want to continue exploring theater, and am looking to get involved in another project in 2010. i’m gonna throw that out there into the universe, and hopefully she’ll make it happen!

i’m a little embarrassed to admit that visual art took a back seat to writing and theater art the past two months, but i am now clumsily thumbing through my sketchbook, relearning to pick up my pen and push it on paper. i’m really itching to bust out the acrylics and make some magic happen, but i also can’t help but be nervous! i’ve had so many ideas swirling and bubbling beneath the surface, but hadn’t been able to give it the time to materialize. i swore to myself that i’d paint during this brief winter break, so hopefully i’ll have something to share with everyone soon.

AND! my most exciting update: i got a flatbed scanner for christmas!!!! my mommy and sister love me :). now i just have to clear the clutter on my desk to make some room for it, and i can scan some drawings and doodles!

i hope you are all having a fantastic holiday, and i’ll see you all in the great 2010! until then, i leave you all with a few pages from my current sketchbook. salamat!

ps: anyone in town wanna get together and paint? holler at me!

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  1. December.27.2009 1:31am

    Mao pwn3s hipster scum (whom also happen to be wearing his face on their shirt as he does it)!!!!!!!!

    • lainerz permalink*
      December.27.2009 12:27pm

      mao definitely pwn3s hipster scum any day. hahaha

  2. redbrandog permalink
    December.27.2009 12:15pm

    why do you want Joal to die, aww you drew the front patch of his hair =)
    will you do a elaine review of 2009?

    • lainerz permalink*
      December.27.2009 12:27pm

      oohh! 2009 review hmm..that sounds interesting! what shall i review…..?

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