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pinay stories: connection, memory, roots


The Babae Ensemble Presents…
Pinay Stories
Connection, Memory, Roots

An evening of original written work, theater, and performance by an all-Filipina cast.
Stories that will inspire, empower, and uplift you.

Friday, December 4 and Saturday, December 5
8pm show; doors open at 7:30pm

Off Market Theater
965 Mission St. #250
San Francisco, CA 94104

$12 admission
For tickets, visit

Pinay Stories is a national cultural arts project of GABRIELA USA that centers on collecting creative efforts of Filipino women in the United States reflecting their life stories, journeys and current lives.

i’ve had the privilege of participating in this writing/theater camp for the past several months, and i can’t express enough how EXCITED i am about this culminating show!!

being a part of pinay stories has really shown me how deep and transformative art can be. it is really up to us to create spaces where our stories are honored, our voices are heard, and our perspective is placed in the center. in pinay stories, sisters have pushed past their boundaries, dug deep into their pain, shone light upon their beauty, and whispered secrets about their lives that have gone unheard for too long.

please bless us with your presence, and share in this experience with us! 🙂


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  1. December.4.2009 1:23pm

    Cool blog you got here. It would be great to read a bit more concerning this theme.

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