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Please help me fundraise for victims of Typhoon Ondoy!


dear friends and family,

as many of you know, a devastating typhoon has hit the philippines. the effects of the typhoon is documented to be worse than hurricane katrina in rainfall, and the philippines has even poorer infacstructure than new orleans. i am currently a part of efforts to fundraise donations to help victims of the typhoon via an organization that i have been a member of for the past five years. many of those reported dead are the women and children i have visited and lived with in past trips to the philippines, and my heart aches for this loss. please consider donating any amount that you can. below is our solicitation letter.

for those of you in the SF/daly city area, there is an emergency meeting of community organizations and individuals TONIGHT to plan for further efforts to support victims. if you’d like to be involved, please attend:

Sept 29, 8pm
United Methodist Church
1474 Southgate Ave.
Daly City, CA 94015

please spread the word, and feel free to email me with any questions.



240 Dead…
280,000 Displaced and homeless…
$50,000 U.S. response to Philippine Aid …
$30 million U.S. military Aid to Philippines
$20,000 GMA’s Dinner bill at NYC’s Le Cirque restaurant in August 2009
P800 million Amount GMA drained from Philippine Emergency Relief Funds and spent on her Foreign Trips.


Dear Friends,

This past weekend, tropical typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) ravaged northern Philippines, causing epic flooding to metropolitan Manila. At least 240 people have died, with dozens of others still missing, and nearly 300,000 people are displaced, unable to return to what, if any, is left of their homes. A majority of those affected are the women and children of the communities GABRIELA serves.

Natural disasters like this often have a more devastating effect in the Philippines because of a number of factors, including deforestation and poor public infrastructure resulting from government neglect and corruption. Many of the communities and chapters we, as members of Gabriela USA, work closely with- Tatalon, Bagong Silangan and Commonwealth in Quezon City- are devastated. Families were forced to climb up to their roofs for safety and rescue, not unlike the experience of Katrina victims here in the U.S. a few years ago. In Bagong Silangan, four houses, with whole families still inside, were swept away by the raging waters of the river.

Here is just a small glimpse of the calamity:


We have always been proud to serve these communities, and now they need our help more than ever. We humbly ask for your assistance, in any way you can to help these affected communities rebuild their lives. Please see Ondoy Data on GABRIELA’s efforts to document the effects of the calamity. Babae is undertaking a fundraising drive and our goal is to raise a minimum of $500 to send directly to GABRIELA Philippines by this Sunday, October 4. We strongly encourage you to make donations through local grassroots organizations that will directly help affected communities they work with, and not the corrupt Philippine government or Philippine Consulate. For more information on why, logon to:

If you can spare $5, $10, $20 or more, we would be eternally grateful. You can make a donation by doing one of the following:

1. Donations can be given to any Babae member. Please make checks payable to BAYAN-USA.

2. To mail your donation, please send to:

Filipino Community Center

Attn: Babae

4681 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94112

3. If you would like to make an online donation, please logon to the BAYAN-USA’s PayPal account at If you make an online donation, please let us know how much you donated at, so that we are able to track our fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much for your time, and in advance for your compassion.


Babae-San Francisco, GABRIELA USA

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  1. October.5.2009 11:19pm


    My name is Lorra. Elbert Or and I started a group for artists to share their visions of hope, creation and rebuilding to benefit the survivors of Typhoon Ondoy.

    The project is called START HERE and I was wondering if you wanted to share your vision with us. We hope to have an exhibit/to sell off the artwork to raise the money to donate and use for various improvement projects and to develop calamity risk management programs in the country.

    For more info, you can head on to

    We also have a Facebook group that you can join:

    Thank you very much. 😀

    • lainerz permalink*
      October.7.2009 1:00am

      hi lorra!

      thanks for the invite! i’ll definitely try to put something together for the project. pls keep in the loop in future developments!


      • October.7.2009 1:59am

        Hi Elaine,

        Thank you so much. We’re looking forward to seeing your contribution.


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