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ok, i know i’ve been away for a bit now, but do not fret! i promise to do a real post soon!

some updates in the mean time:

  • i’m taking my first drawing class ev-ar at skyline this summer. drawing for 3 hours straight for 4 days a week is a bit tiring, but i’m enjoying it so far. excited about learning technical drawing skills!
  • tayo lit magon a whim, i submitted some of my paintings to tayo literary magazine, and i got accepted for their first inaugural issue. from their site: “TAYO is the first independent publication presented by the Filipino American Library. In Tagalog, TAYO means: ‘we’ or ‘us’, and also means ‘to stand up.'” they’re having a launch party in LA in august. might bring some paintings down for the party..still thinking about it. more info tba later.
  • mel roxasi know i had a post about melissa roxas a while ago, a fil-am health worker and community organizer who was abducted by suspected military agents in the philippines. she was surfaced (thank you to everyone who supported/continues to support!), and will be having her first public appearance at a press conference TODAY! watch it LIVE via web streaming at from 4pm-5:30pm. her strength and courage continues to inspire me, and i can’t help but get emotional every time i read her affidavit of what happened. to learn more about her case and to read her affidavit, police report, or other documents, visit here.
  • and lastly, my little man’s growing up!weezy
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